Shes No Sense

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  1. Judal
    Jul 18,  · She is just constantly doing and saying things that makes no sense at all. For example, she has two older sisters, ones a half and the other is full blood and they are all four years apart from each other. A friend asked her how old was your oldiest .
  2. Zulkilabar
    Oct 26,  · Q. Menopause and hot flashes have taken my sex life away. My wife is 54 and started menopause at For the past eight years it has been like I am married to my sister. My wife has no Author: Gail Saltz.
  3. Zulkijinn
    Apr 10,  · When people with dementia say something that doesn’t make sense or cannot be true, it may be sensible according to their personal sense of reality even though we know it is nonsense in our reality. The problem in this case is that they are losing rational thought and memory, which is skewing their ability to properly understand what is going on around them.
  4. Mezizragore
    Dec 12,  · If this is the best Democrats have, they don’t have much. When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the podium at her Thursday afternoon news conference on Capitol Hill, she was no doubt intending to defend the strength of Democratic articles of impeachment to the waiting media.. She sounded like she could barely convince herself.
  5. Gara
    Parents need to know that She's All That is a teen movie in which the most popular guy in school makes a bet that he can turn an unpopular girl into the prom queen. There's some bullying, including a disgusting scene involving a boy reaching into the crotch of his pants, pulling out pubic hair, and sticking it on a slice of pizza in the cafeteria.
  6. Torg
    "Sense" is a noun. The word and its derivative sensed are also used as verbs. "sense" as a Noun. Any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch: e.g. The five sense organs are our windows to the outside world. A feeling or perception produced through the organs of touch, taste, etc: e.g. Touch snow to get a sense of winter.
  7. Dirg
    After a phone call with Marilyn one evening, Carol’s husband was concerned. His mother’s conversation was disjointed, jumping from a variety of disconnected ideas. She wasn’t making sense at all, and it was frightening. Having worked in eldercare in Minnesota for over nine years, Carol knew what was up.
  8. JoJozuru
    Dec 12,  · She had no idea what her job was supposed to be. I feel a pang of sympathy for her now. She literally didn't know how to organize her time as a manager and so she .

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