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  1. Shajin
    Piaffe definition, a cadenced trot executed on one spot, with a well-elevated leg action. See more.
  2. JoJolabar
    piaffe: [noun] a dressage movement consisting of a collected trot executed in place.
  3. Tugis
    The piaffe-pirouette is an exercise the horse can start to do when it can produce a long series of equal steps in piaffe. Work between pillars is another alternative in the art of riding to develop the piaffe.
  4. Arabar
    May 24,  · The piaffe is a very light, cadenced trot on the spot—or nearly so—which is introduced in the FEI Intermediaire II test. The judges want to see a horse who is regular, steady in the rhythm and engaged-lowered a little behind and raised in front.
  5. Tojakazahn
    Nov 14,  · The piaffe, pronounced “pe-aff”, is an elevated, majestic trot where the horse jumps from one diagonal to another diagonal. If the piaffe is executed properly, the horse will be relaxed and light, and the rider will be subtle with her cues and aids. Once the horse achieves the piaffe, he can then advance to other dressage exercises%(6).
  6. Togul
    The new FEI rules regarding Piaffe and Passage lay greater weight on these movements as well as transitions between the two, so it is of utmost importance to perform them well. This is a book that is drawn on over forty years of experience and is solely dedicated to explaining the difficult Grand Prix dressage movements of Piaffe, Passage and.
  7. Zoloktilar
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  8. Samusho
    17 people chose this as the best definition of piaffe: A movement in horsemanshi See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
  9. Shaktinris
    piaffe. Pronunciation: (pyaf), — n., v., piaffed, piaff•ing. —n. a cadenced trot executed on one spot, with a well-elevated leg action. —v.i. (of a horse) to execute such a movement. (of a rider) to cause a horse to piaffe. —v.t. to cause (a horse) to piaffe.

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